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Wisdom teeth are the teeth which are present at the back side of your upper and lower jaws. These are the teeth which erupt in the last among all others. Many a times these teeth don’t get much space to get erupt because the space is already occupied by other teeth; and here the real problem starts. These wisdom teeth in attempt of getting some space to erupt, start pushing its front tooth causing trouble. Also because of the less space, these wisdom teeth usually erupt in unusual fashion; not straight but tilted.

 Most commonly these partially erupted wisdom teeth may cause recurrent infection of overlying mucosa which is very painful if not treated at the right time.

So if you have any trouble with your erupting wisdom tooth, get them removed with ease by the surgeons of Facial Virtuoso.

Surgeons of Facial Virtuoso have an exceptional ease and experience of wisdom tooth removal of more than 1000 patients individually.

It is a simple procedure in which 2-3 ml of anesthetic medication will be injected around your wisdom tooth to be removed for numbness of desired area. After that the portion of the tooth will be exposed. the bone surrounding the wisdom tooth will be carefully removed so as to create a space for tooth removal, if needed.After the removal, stitches will be given for faster mucosal healing. We inject a medication around your tooth removal site so as to reduce your post procedural swelling to its minimal.

You will be given thorough instructions after the wisdom tooth extraction by the facial virtuoso team which should be strictly followed as it is for the faster recovery and healing.There is no harm in the removal of a tilted and even painless wisdom tooth prophylactically.

 Because an unusually erupted wisdom tooth is a sleeping lion which may trouble you at any time.


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