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Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel For Skin and Face - Facial Virtuoso

These two are the most popular cosmetic procedures that you can avail of today. These procedures when performed properly can give your skin a healthy and youthful look.

What is Microderma Abrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure. It is performed with a device that gently removes the top layer of the skin. This process helps speed up cell turnover and reveals healthy, youthful skin.The handheld microdermabrasion device uses superfine crystals that physically slough away dead skin cells while light suction is applied to immediately vacuum up the dull cells and crystals. A Facial Virtuoso doctor will lightly rub the device over the skin, retracing the problem areas several times. Microdermabrasion can work wonders, especially on those with resistive skin, because it uses pressure and a physical ablative material. When this treatment is performed in a series it can provide even greater results.

What chemical peels can do? 

The outer portion of the skin (epidermis) is composed of multiple layers of epidermal cells. These cells provide a barrier against the environment, protecting deeper, more delicate tissues, maintain an even internal temperature and also prevent against dehydration.

Epidermal cells are anchored together in two ways. Microscopic fibers called tonofilaments run between individual cells, helping anchor them together. An extracellular surrounds each cell, acting as a sort of "glue" to further keep cells together. Over time, these cells are invisibly shed through the body's natural means of exfoliation. Speeding up this process can instantly restore a more youthful glow to the skin and address other subtle signs of the aging process.

Who needs them and what are the benefits-

These procedures is ideal for those who experience the following :
    •    Fine lines
    •    Age spots
    •    Acne scars
    •    Hyperpigmentation
    •    Dullness below the eyes.
    •    Large pores
    •    Rough texture

Whereas microdermabrasion breaks the tonofilaments through the act of physical exfoliation, chemical peels work to dissolve the "glue." One of the most frequent questions is which procedure is better? The answer is that each works well, but neither provides a thorough exfoliation when used alone. That is why incorporating both treatments into a regimen can produce a much more satisfying result.

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