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Laser Treatment for Facial Hair

Facial hair covering your inner beauty? Do you want to get rid of unwanted hair from your face? Then Laser treatment is the best solution. Let us know more about Laser Treatment.


Laser Treatment for unwanted hair: Unwanted hair growth is a common problem for men and women. People generally take traditional hair removal treatments from local beauty parlors to get rid of this problem. Treatments like shaving and waxing may give you temporary relief but for the permanent solution “Laser Treatment” is the best technique. It has gained popularity in all over the world. India is not the exception. This medical treatment works well both for men and women.

How does Laser Treatment work?

Laser is a device that emits a very specific beam of light at a wavelength which targets the melanin present in the hair. It also targets the hair bulb. Melanin is a pigment that gives colour to hair and hair bulb is the growth centre of the hair follicle. When the laser passes through our skin it gets absorbed by the melanin present in hair follicles.  This destroys the hair in the unwanted area.

Darker colour needs longwave lasers. It smoothly removes coarse hair from your face. A gel is generally used during this procedure. This helps to penetrate the laser. After the completion of this treatment, ice packs and cold water are given to the patients. These are helpful to remove discomfort.

Laser Treatment works well on face and other body parts.



Why should you opt for Laser Treatment?

1.    Safe: Laser Treatment is a scientific method. It’s completely safe and pain-free.

2.    Effective: It’s the permanent solution, unlike other traditional hair removal methods. In case of shaving/waxing once the effect is over, hair will grow back. But in Laser Treatment they don’t grow back after the completion of the procedures.

3.    For all skin tones: Laser Treatment can do wonder on any skin tone. Be it light or dark.

4.    For delicate area: Laser Treatment is also recommended for chin and lip area.

5.    Minimal Risk:  It targets the unwanted hair without damaging the other area. It gives the best result with minimal risk.

6.    Less time: This treatment is less time-consuming. It shows the result after a few sessions.

7.    Cost: The maintenance cost of this treatment is less expensive.



We at Facialvirtuoso treat every patient with personal care. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair from your face, book an appointment today. For an appointment, give us a call at   9266 77 0707.




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