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Surgery for Deformity, Unstructure Jaw to Improve Your Face- Facial Virtuoso

Jaw deformity is the condition wherein your maxilla i.e upper jaw, mandible i.e lower jaw or both are reduced or increased in size affecting your overall facial appearance.

Your face looks great when jaw bones are in proper proportion with the rest of the facial bones. Ideal proportion can be obtained using jaw surgical procedures.

Taking into consideration the requirements and expectations of the patient, our experts with thoroughly discuss the complete treatment outcomes to you transparently. It is exclusively an aesthetic facial surgery so no facial scar will be given. The complete procedure is carried out inside the oral cavity(mouth) eliminating the need of facial scars.

The success of the jaw surgery greatly depends on the expertise of the surgeon. If you are bothered about your backwardly placed lower jaw and facing social embracement because of your facial appearance, you are free to discuss your problems with us. These jaw deformities can’t be alone treated with the help of braces treatment, a surgery is mandatory.

The jaw surgery which has to be considered as one of the most complicated and trickiest maxillofacial surgeries, the scenario is not the same nowadays with the help of surgical advancement and surgical expertise in which every surgeon of facial virtuoso is exceptionally competent.

Depending upon the relative discrepancy between your facial bones, the surgical plan is decided whether to advance or set back your mandible with sagittal split osteotomy of the mandible or if it’s the case with your upper jaw, then it can be moved accordingly with maxillary osteotomy procedure. After gaining the satisfactory bony relation in the most aesthetically acceptable position to rest of your face, bony parts are secured with high-quality titanium plates and screws.

Minimal facial swelling after the surgery for a couple of days is acceptable which can be reduced with the medications.

The end results of the surgery are visible to patients once the swelling subsides thereby completely changing the facial appearance and boosting the confidence level of the patient.

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