How these problems start:
If you have habit of continuously chewing betel nut (supari) or khaini or paan then you are prone to this jaw stiffening condition. Due to continuous chewing of the above mentioned products chemically affect your cheek mucosa inside the mouth leading to change in its normal consistency. The soft cheek mucosa starts getting rough and hard.
At initial stages, you may feel burning sensation on taking spicy food. This condition gradually starts affecting your normal mouth opening capacity.
A normal human being with healthy buccal (cheek) mucosa and normal jaw joint can easily open the mouth up to 42 to 45 mm if measured from the tip of your anterior teeth. But in case of individual having ill habit of continuous betel nut or paan chewing, he won’t be able to open moth more than 20 mm i. e the space approximately required to place your 2 fingers inside the mouth.
This condition with the continuation of habit can get worse and you will not be able to open your mouth to put even a single finger due to severe tightening of cheek mucosa.
What to do? 
If you think that you are suffering from the above mentioned condition, then  immediately consult with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The surgeons of facial virtuoso are available in Mumbai, Ahmadabad and New Delhi for the best management of this condition.
Your condition will be thoroughly checked by the surgeons of facial virtuoso and the surgery will be advised accordingly.
What is the treatment protocol?
Non surgical :
1.    Cessation of habit
2.    Medications 
3.    Weekly Injections in the cheek mucosa
4.    Mouth opening exercises
However we have noticed that the jaw stiffening stage can hardly be cured with nonsurgical method alone resulting into recurrence of the condition and therefore surgery is mandatory in these cases.
Surgical :
Surgery will be done under general anesthesia which will last for around 3-4 hrs.
1.    Buccal fat pad interpositioning:
This surgery is exclusively carried out inside your mouth without any outer facial scar mark.In this type of surgery, the stiffened part of your cheek mucosa will be removed along with all the four wisdom teeth present . A small piece of your lower jaw bone is cut from either side so as to release the muscular pull on your lower jaw. The bulky fatty tissue of the cheek will then be pulled over and will be used to cover the raw area over the cheek mucosa and uniformly stitched with the resorbable suture material.
2.    Nasolabial flap: 
This is one of the excellent surgical methods for the treatment of submucous fibrosis. This surgery is almost same like the above mentioned surgery but in this method, a strip of tissue will be taken from either side of your nose and will be rotated inside to cover the raw area over the cheek mucosa. Though this surgery is carried out with the extrafacial cut, the technique used for the closure of the cut used by the surgeons of facial virtuoso will result into almost unnoticeable scar mark over the face which is smartly hidden into the facial crease leteral to nose.
Both the surgeries mentioned above results into 40 to 45 mm of mouth opening. The mouth opening will be maintained with patient’s cooperation for mouth opening exercises under close monitoring of the concerned surgeon.
Patient will require 3-4 days of hospital stay to take care of post surgical food intake and the cleaning and dressing of operation site which will be closely monitored by the team of facial virtuoso.
The complications include normal anesthetic complications which may occur in any general anesthesia procedure.
The surgical complications mostly depend upon the expertise and confidence of the patient. All the surgeons of facial virtuoso have vast experience of operating such cases with excellent post surgical results.