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How to glow your face before Indian marriage

Wedding season is already here. Every girl wants to look at her best on her wedding day. Unfortunately, all girls don’t have flawless skin. Thanks to the modern techniques in the field of cosmetology, getting perfect look became easier.
Here are a few pre-wedding beauty treatments for a bride-to- be. If you are tying the knot in this season, have a look.

1.   Chemical peeling: Our skin is composed of multiple layers of epidermal cells. They act as barriers against the environment. They are affected by environmental pollution.  They are also exposed to the sun and other harmful chemicals. These exposures cause various skin damages like wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. Dark circles under eyes and large pores spoil the look of your face. Chemical peeling is the best solution for all these skin damages and imperfections. Go for chemical peeling before your marriage to get
radiant look.

           How does it work?
        In chemical peeling, epidermal cells are anchored together with the help of tonofilaments. This microscopic fiber anchors individual cells. An extracellular surrounds each cell, acting as “glue” by keeping cells together. As the time passes, these cells are shed through exfoliation. Chemical peeling speeds up this process and instantly restores the youthful skin.

Queries and tips:

          1. Is chemical peeling safe?- Yes. It’s 100 % safe. Chemical peeling does not damage the skin.

          2.Will Chemical peel suit everyone? - Not every peel is right for all skins. It will depend on your skin              type.  So, consult a doctor before taking chemical peel. He will select the rightpeel as per skin type.

          3.Can chemical peel help to get desired results? - A chemical peel can correct acne scars, wrinkles,             fine  lines and large pores

          4.How soon do you expect the results?- Desired results can be achieved within a few sessions.

          5.Microdermabrasion along with Chemical peeling gives more satisfying results.

2.   Laser Hair Removal: If your skin is full of unwanted hair, go for Laser Hair Removal.  In this treatment, Light Technology is used to remove hair from your face and other body parts.

       How does it work?
The light beam is passed through the unwanted hair area. This beam is absorbed by the pigment present in hair. This generates heat and helps to loosen unwanted hair from face and body. Removal of unwanted hair
is done with the help of Lasers and Intense Pulse Light. So, it’s painless and effective treatment for all.

Queries and tips:

        1. Is Laser Hair Removal safe?-Yes, it’s 100 % safe if done by experts. It has no side-effects.

        2. Will Laser Hair Removal suit everyone? - Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types. It also             depends  on the type of hair present on your body.

        3. Will Laser Hair Removal give desired results? - It gives long-term results without any pain.

        4.How soon do you expect the results? - After a few sessions, you can get desired results.


These beauty treatments not only make you look more beautiful on your D-Day but also boost your confidence.
We at Facialvirtuoso offer all of the above beauty treatments. Book an appointment before your marriage. For an appointment, give us a call at  9266 77 0707.

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