Dimple over the cheeks enhance the facial beauty just like the famous celebrities who are gifted with the cheek dimples adding up their charm and beauty. If you also want to have the similar charm and to add some cuteness on your smile, the team of facial virtuoso is there to get you beautiful dimples over your cheeks.

It is a simple cosmetic procedure which hardly takes 20 minutes on each side to change your smile completely. We being the team of facial experts has an abundant expertise of carrying out such simple procedures with at most ease. Dimple creation not only enhances the beauty of your smile but also boost up your confidence to its best.

In facial virtuoso, the dimple creation procedure is generally carried out inside your mouth. Firstly we disinfect your face and mark the points over the area of desired dimple over your cheek on both sides. After that we inject 2-3 ml of local anesthetic medicine to numb your cheek on both sides. After getting the complete numbness over the desired area for your maximum comfort, a small stab incision is given inside your mouth over the cheek mucosa and a part of tissue is removed and a dent is created on both sides. The eminent team of facial virtuoso, having the thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, no vital structure of your face will be affected in this procedure. The next step is to maintain the adhesion of the created dent in the cheek which is supported by a thin stitch tied over the dent for few days.

You will be advised to strictly maintain your oral hygiene so as to avoid the chance of any infection. The dimple will be clearly visible after a week of procedure when u smile thereby shining brightly your cuteness and overall confidence.