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A complete guide to dental implant

“The smile is the best curve”. That’s true in all senses. Some of us are not so lucky to have a perfect smile. Some of us born with gaps between teeth. We may lose teeth due to an accident. Sometimes, age is responsible for teeth loss. As we grow old, the risk of tooth loss increases. Bacterial infection may cause tooth decay. In this type cases, dental implantation is very effective.


What are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are artificial dental devices that are surgically inserted into the jawbones. The artificial device acts as a root for a tooth. Metal posts or frames are implanted in several steps to replace your damaged teeth or to fill gaps between teeth.


Benefits of dental implants:

1.     Dental implantation helps to fill large gaps between teeth.

2.     Dental implantation is perfect for missing teeth. The dental implant is the perfect substitute for a natural tooth.

3.     If you lose your teeth due to age, you can get a complete set of teeth within 48 hrs with the help of dental implantation.

4.     In case of an accident, if you lose teeth, you can go for dental implantation.

5.     If your teeth are damaged due to decay, you can restore your teeth with the help of dental implants.


6.     These days, Titanium is used as a dental implant.  Titanium doesn’t get infected easily. Dental implants are durable and ensure the longevity of your teeth.


7.     Dental implant fits well inside your mouth.

8.     Dental implants can be easily cleaned same as natural teeth.

9.     With dental implantation, you can easily eat, drink and speak.

10.   Missing teeth may hamper your self-confidence. Dental implant helps you to remake your smile. This boosts your confidence.

Procedure: Here are the steps of dental implantation for a single tooth.

Dental implantation can be done with local anaesthesia. Then the gum tissue is cut and flapped back. Underlying bone is exposed and drilled for the implant. The anchor is positioned into the hole. An anchor is a metal device inserted into the tissue of jawbone. Implants placed in jaw takes a few months to heal.

A healing cup is placed to heal the tissue. After a few weeks, the healing cap is removed and the abutment is uncovered. Abundant is a metal device attached to the anchor. It connects crown.

After that, the crown is placed to the abutment. Crown is the replacement for your tooth.

Care after implantation: Aftercare is very essential. After implantation, you may face pain and discomfort.  In this case, take soft foods and follow your doctor’s instructions. Proper medication would improve the situation.

Afterwards, proper cleaning should be done. Brush your teeth properly. You can also use an antimicrobial mouthwash to reduce the risk of infection.

We at Facial Virtuoso, treat every patient with personal care. If you need dental implantation, don’t hesitate to call us. For an appointment, give us a call at   9266 77 0707.

Your perfect smile is just a phone call away!

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